Virtual Organizing
Have your self-help attempts to organize fallen short of expectations? Are you stumped for ways to maximize your time or space? Is the assistance of a hands-on organizer challenging to locate? lf so, virtual organizing may be the perfect arrangement for you. Virtual organizing is working together by phone to eliminate your clutter issues. It doesn’t matter if you’re across the city, the state or country. Support and guidance is only a quick call away. Virtual organizing is DIY with the expert guidance of a productivity and organizing consultant who will quickly and affordably fast-forward your project so you will have more time for the things that really matter in life.

What is Expected of You
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What Pam Provides
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Benefits of Virtual Organizing

Examples of Virtual Organizing

Are you curious what it might be like to pursue a virtual organizing arrangement with Pam?  If so, please review the following.

Interview with Jamie Lee, Virtual Organizing Client . . .
Q: What prompted you to contact Pam?
A: “My home felt chaotic and stressful. In fact, it felt oppressive, I didn’t feel good about it. I had tried to organize myself but every time I did something, it didn’t work. And, I didn’t like the feeling of failing. In addition, it was embarrassing for people to come over.”  

Q: Was there something in particular about the timing of your call for help?
A: “I had been successful in adopting a healthier lifestyle over the past year; I was exercising regularly and eating better and decided the next step was to give myself the gift of organization. A big birthday was coming up and I wanted to get rid of the chaos and stress in my house.” 

Q: Had you worked with a professional organizer before?
A: “No.”  

Q: How did the virtual organizing arrangement come about?
A: “Initially, I wanted an organizer to come to my home but learned I lived too far away for anyone to travel. So, Pam recommended virtual organizing and I decided to give it a try. One of the things that really appealed to me was that I felt it wouldn’t be as embarrassing to work with someone on the phone. It felt easier to ‘put it all out there’ in pictures; there was less emotion. This arrangement turned out to be a great decision from the get-go; Pam didn’t judge me and in seconds I felt comfortable.” 

Q: What was it like working with Pam?
A: “It was easy and we accomplished a lot. The first floor of my home has been transformed. Pam would call me at an agreed upon time. Each call lasted an hour. Together we decided what space to work on first and the rest just fell into a logical order. In each call we would actually do the sorting, decide what to keep in the space we were working on, what to relocate to other rooms in the house, and what to donate and what to trash. It was so helpful to have someone to work with as well as guide the project. Usually, at the end of the call there was more work to be done. So I would complete that project before our next session. Pam offered not only a process for how to organize but how to put things back together for easy retrieval. She suggested containers and decorating ideas too.”  

Q: What was it like after working with Pam?
A: “The whole experience was life changing. It was empowering to work with Pam. She offered fantastic advice and she helped me be a better role model for my son. Both my son and I have higher standards about how to keep a home. I now feel proud to have people over. In addition to reorganizing my home, Pam and I worked on time management. I now use a planner and I’m much better at managing my time. I learned not to buy something until you know what you need and where it will go. And finally, I learned to finish a project before moving on to the next.”  

Working Together
Organizing is an investment in your future, your peace of mind and a minimal cost considering the dramatic, positive changes you will experience. If you’re ready to turn your home or office into a calm oasis please call 515.225.2479 or e-mail me at There is no obligation; we’ll get acquainted and discuss how Smart WorkLife Solutions can meet your organizing needs.

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