Organize Your Office
If you want to accomplish more in less time—organize your office and work-life. Whether you work in a corporate office, home office, or mobile office, a lack of organization costs you more than you may think. It zaps your time, drains your energy, and prevents you from being your best. It also has a monetary consequence. Some interesting statistics drive home this point:

How Much Does A Lack Of Organization Cost You?
You don’t need to feel embarrassed if you are organizationally challenged. Organizing competence is not a matter of instinct, but of education and habit. Unfortunately, there are few schools that include organizing as part of their curriculum . . . but I can help. Working with me you’ll learn an easy organizing solution you can apply to your office as well as other parts of your life.

Organization is a key function of good management. It is a “must have” to effectively manage your workspace, your files, your computer, your schedule, as well as projects, telephone calls and meetings.

Benefits Of Organizing Your Office
You will find the benefits of organization are well worth the effort because you will be more focused, have more time and energy, and be more productive and profitable. In fact, no downside to organizing exists!

Working Together
You may expect that I’ll view your space, assess your needs, and then recommend a course of action. My goal will be your goal—to create an efficient and effective work environment. (If you are outside my geographical reach you may snail mail or e-mail photos of your office.) There are two ways we can work together.

 On-site organizing guarantee.
I recommend you practice the maintenance strategies that I share with you for 21 consecutive days. Thereafter, I invite you to evaluate the effectiveness of your newly organized space by ANY criteria you choose. If you find that any part of the organizing solution isn’t working or meeting your needs, let me know and I will come back, at no additional cost, and help you set up a different system until your needs have been met.

Organizing is an investment in your future, your peace of mind and a nominal cost considering the dramatic, positive changes you will experience. Next, learn more by viewing client case studies. Or, if you are ready to turn your office into an efficient hardworking zone call 515.225.2479 or e-mail me at for a complimentary discussion to get acquainted and gauge how Smart WorkLife Solutions can serve you.

 Client case studies