Organize Your Life
What are you putting up with—what is cluttering your mind? Do you need to set boundaries and/or raise your personal standards? Do you have trouble saying “No?” Do your co-workers and/or boss make you crazy? Is your career stalling? Do you feel out of control, put yourself down and complain about work-life balance issues or your life in general? Do you go to bed every night hoping tomorrow will be better?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the preceding questions, then you’ve probably found these issues produce feelings of personal stress, strained relationships, and diminished work capacity. It doesn’t have to be this way.

There is a solution. Coaching clients of Smart WorkLife Solutions (SWS) learn how to create the future they want. They say as a result of working with me they were able to achieve their goals faster, easier and with better results than they would have accomplished on their own. And, most experienced breakthroughs that helped transform their lives in unexpected and positive ways.

Each Smart WorkLife Solutions client defines success in a personal and purposeful way. Their collective goals and achievements have included: raising personal standards to improve job performance, setting boundaries to protect themselves from toxic people and situations, saying no to commitments they’ve outgrown thus making more time for themselves, determining the next professional move – so as to be aligned with their passion(s), preparing resumes that capture the attention of employers and get them interviews, getting better-quality jobs with improved pay and benefits, starting a new business with clients waiting to be served, and learning management skills which translated to improved productivity, results, and a happier workforce.

Benefits Of Organizing Your Life
Smart WorkLife Solutions (SWS) coaching will help you achieve more of what you want, not just what you need, whether your aspirations are career-related, personal, or involving overall lifestyle satisfaction. You will be introduced to options, strategies, and solutions that lead to more balance, a more focused approach to work and play, guilt-free time for yourself, and living your best life every day.

Have you worked with a coach before? If not, here are some of the things my clients have shared about their experience . . .

To learn more about my client’s situations and successes please see case studies.

Working Together

Start living your best life today. I invite you to learn more about coaching by reviewing FAQs. If you’re ready for break-through results please contact me to arrange a time to get acquainted and gauge how Smart WorkLife Solutions can support you in living a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

 Client case studies